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"Due to the translation process being complicated (not the actual translation, but the formats and such) it is imperative that we use Kommunicera AB in Gothenburg and thereby avoid costly and time consuming errors."

Bo-Peter Andersson
Communication Manager, After Sales

"Kommunicera is not only a full service agency providing translation to all possible languages – it is also a complete communications agency, with technical support etc..."

Paulina Lundström, Bolon

"As part of an international business group, our demands for translations (time, file-format, quantity and quality) change often and quickly. However, any challenge we present when it comes to translation issues, is quickly resolved by Kommunicera and the output is exceptional."

"Neither the format of our files, nor the demanding timelines result in any problems and the quality of the returned translations is consistently on the highest level anyone can expect."

Christian Kämmer
CEO, Conrad Elektronik Norden AB

"Kommunicera is so much more than just a translation agency..."

"Kommunicera is, quite simply, extremely technically adept and can adapt to the work environment of its customers."

"We started our collaboration with Kommunicera in 2001, primarily because they were the only ones who could handle our 21 languages in Interleaf (QuickSilver). And it has continued ever since."

Gitte Bäckström
Technical Informant
ESAB AB Welding Equipment

"Kommunicera’s working methods and technology have saved us a lot of time and money."

"Here at Haléns/Cellbes, our collaboration with Kommunicera has meant that we have avoided having to reinsert text and images for our printing material and we have freed up internal resources."

Annika Höglund
Media Production Manager

"We have benefited hugely from Kommunicera’s technical expertise."

"When we switched from PageMaker to InDesign a few years ago, they provided our documentation staff with customised training in the new software. Now, as we take the next step to a CMS, Kommunicera provides welcome support that we can collaborate with and get help from."

Hans Svedén
Manager Technical Documentation
Hiab Service Business

"With the help of Kommunicera’s tools, Hasselblad have halved the costs of translating our manuals."

“At the same time lead times have been shortened and we can see opportunities for streamlining in the future. The tools are easy to use and we have received all the support we needed from Kommunicera’s technical staff."

David Jeffery
User Manual Production, Victor Hasselblad AB

"In our case it’s about choosing a supplier on whom we can depend in all situations. Whatever the area, every time we have asked for a local market presence, they have been able to meet all our expectations."

Anders Paulsson
Head of Advertising
Jula Postorder AB

"We save a lot of time using Kommunicera’s method. A translated document takes just a few minutes to prepare for printing or publishing."

Bo Ödlund, Coordinator for product information at Swegon.

The company exports ventilation products to 40 countries and deals with around 20 languages.

"I can heartily recommend purchasing a customised course like we did, the great advantage is that you decide the structure and direction of the course yourself."

"The advantage of receiving training from those who deal with the documents that we produce is that we are made aware of the problems that can occur when production includes other languages."

Håkan Gustafsson
Westermo Teleindustri AB

"Känns skönt att ha en så bra samarbetspartner som er till hjälp"

Wibeke Mörch
Frico AB

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